The Dark Tower, Episode IX

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

     Here it is. The next installment in the Gunslinger Quest Cast. Sorry it took a bit. You'll hear us talking about a blizzard. It certainly isn't happening in our area in May, that's for sure.

     Some other things to note: this was recorded after a long hard week at work (kinda), and with the anticipation of a snow-day the next day (which really isn't a day off for me, just a WFH day)...if it sounds more................  Relaxed, let's say - that's why.

     Also, Dan actually had a pretty good grasp of what Antidisestablishmentarianism is. That was a surprise. He was also right about some other thing that escapes me at the moment.

     I'll let you guys figure out who's ahead...


Long days and pleasant nights,



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