GSQC Special Edition - The Dark Tower Official Trailer #1 - Review/Commentary

I have to say something before I say anything else.

Dan and I decided to do this in one take. We did not watch a clock, nor did we edit more than a small amount of silence out of the end.

If you'd like to watch the trailer with us, start it when the audio gets to 5:14. YES. 5. MFing 14. (Click here to watch (5:14 = 19))

It kind of freaked us out a little bit, too.

That being said - this is our take/commentary on the trailer (the first one, if there happens to be more) for The Dark Tower, due out August 14, 2017.

Dan pointed out that I fibbed...I was a bit hung up on the blue eyes thing, but I *DID* say that I would give them a chance to show me that Idris was a good choice. I'm pleased with what I've seen so far.

Long days and pleasant nights,



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