Song of Susannah, Episode IV

• October 14th, 2014

Latest episode is here!  Enjoy folks.  Oh, and any inconsistencies in the opening/closing/editing...Talk to Daniel

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Song of Susannah, Episode III

• September 2nd, 2014

Alright guys and dolls!  This one's short and sweet!  I'm off to vacation next week, so it'll be a little bit until the next episode is up.  Also, for anyone just joining us, has gotten weird, and I had to delete A LOT of past episodes.  If anyone is interested in getting any episodes they missed and/or they have not gotten to yet, please let us know at  We'll be happy to give you a link to the audio file.  

Peace out peeps!
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Song of Susannah, Episode II

• July 14th, 2014

Second episode of Book 6.  Enjoy peeps!

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Song of Susannah, Episode I

• May 27th, 2014

Well guys and gals, we're on Book 6, Song of Susannah.  Dan and I got together and did a long one for this one (it's over an hour), so make sure you are prepared to pause it and pick it up later, or listen through the whole thing.  Enjoy peeps!

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The Wolves of the Calla, Part XIII

• March 22nd, 2014

OMG.  13 episodes for one book.  We're FINALLY through the Wolves of the Calla!  This is the last installment and I am quite excited to be moving on.  I hope you all enjoy the most recent addition to our podcast.  Please remember, due to space limitations on our host website some of the older episodes are only available if you e-mail us and ask for them.  The e-mail address is, or you can send us a message on our FB page: Gunslinger Quest Cast.  

As Dann would say, "See ya on the flip!"
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The Wolves of the Calla, Part XII

• March 16th, 2014

Here it is folks!  Almost done this book (it feels like it's taking FOREVER).  We should be recording Tuesday 03/18/14, and I'm hoping that's the last installment in this one.  Enjoy!

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The Wolves of the Calla, Part XI

• February 4th, 2014

Welcome to 2014 everyone!  Sorry it took so long to get this post up, but if any of you are watching the news, you will know that we have had some unusual weather here in Pennsylvania (unless you are WAY to far away to care...)  But hey, due to Dann's diligent editing, here is some new ear candy for ya!  Hoping to have this book finished in the next 2-3 episodes.  Thanks for those of you who have been sticking with this project (we're now in our 3rd year!) and welcome to those of you who are new.  Again, should any of you need a copy of old episodes that we had to remove from the server, please don't hesitate to contact us at!

Long days and pleasant nights!

PS - This is our 30th episode!  A milestone, I must say!
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The Wolves of the Calla, Part X

• December 6th, 2013

Episode 29!  10th episode of this book!  Enjoy all...if we don't get another one out beforehand, have a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season!

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The Wolves of the Calla, Part IX

• November 5th, 2013

As I was just saying to Dan, this book seems to be taking FOREVER!  Episode 9 of Wolves of the Calla commentary!  Enjoy, peeps!

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The Wolves of the Calla, Part VIII

• October 16th, 2013

Episode 27 - Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the latest episode.  Dann edited this one, so I can not speak to what was left in and not... (honestly, I haven't even listened to it).  I hope you all enjoy the blathering.  Apparently, I had a few too many on this episode too!

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